Automatic side plus labeling machine

Time:2021-5-28 17:03:47


This machine is suitable for flat bottle, square bottle and other wide mouth bottle shape side and top surface labeling in food, daily chemical and other industries.

Product introduction


      This machine is suitable for labeling on the side and top of wide-mouth bottles such as flat bottles and square bottles in food, daily chemical and other industries.

      For example : chili sauce, plum, nut jar, honey, skin cream, etc. ●This machine can be set to single side labeling, top labeling or side and top labeling at the same time.

      ●Multi-dimensional adjustment of the labeling head and special design of the shaping belt mechanism to ensure accurate positioning of flat bottles, square bottles and products with irregular surfaces, and improve labeling accuracy.

      ●The elastic pressure belt design improves the stability of bottle conveying and ensures higher labeling accuracy.

      ●The whole machine adopts synchronizer to track and detect, automatically detect the position of the product to be labeled, and realize accurate labeling.

      ●Multi-group labeling parameter memory, can quickly replace product production. ·It can also be designed to be suitable for bottle neck labeling.

      ●Label teaching function, one key to complete the label setting of different specifications, intelligent and efficient.

Scope of application

      ●Available labels: self-adhesive label label, self-adhesive label film, electronic supervision code, barcode, etc.

      ●Available products: products that require labels to be affixed to the side plan view, the side surface with a large inclination, and the upper surface of the circle.

      ●Applicable industries: widely used in skin care products, daily chemicals, electronic devices, pharmaceuticals, hardware, plastics and other industries.

      ●Application cases: labeling of flat shampoo bottles, labeling of grease flat bottles, labeling of round shampoo bottles, etc.

Time:2021-5-28 17:03:47

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