Automatic double side labeling machine

Time:2021-5-28 16:52:43


This machine is suitable for flat bottle, square bottle and other bottle shapes in food, medicine, daily chemical, chemical and other industries.

Product introduction


      Jingxin machinery and equipment are suitable for a variety of bottle shapes such as flat bottles and square bottles in various industries such as food, medicine, daily chemicals, and chemical industries.

      For example : oatmeal, chili sauce, high-end bottled water, honey, wine, health wine, active oil, wind oil, laundry detergent, hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, etc.

      ● You can freely choose single-sided labeling and double-sided labeling.

      ● Multi-dimensional adjustment of the labeling head and special design of the shaping belt mechanism to ensure accurate positioning of flat bottles, square bottles and products with irregular surfaces, and improve labeling accuracy.

      ● The elastic pressure belt design improves the stability of bottle conveying and ensures higher labeling accuracy.

      ● The whole machine adopts synchronizer to track and detect, automatically detect the position of the product to be labeled, and achieve accurate labeling.

      ● Multi-group labeling parameter memory, which can quickly replace product production. The reagent tube labeling machine can also be designed to fit the bottle neck labeling function.

      ● Label teaching function, one key to complete the label setting of different specifications, intelligent and efficient.

Technical Parameters

      Applicable product size (length ×width×height/thickness):

      Length (conveying direction): 20mm~250mm

      Width (conveying width direction): 30mm~90mm

      Height: 60mm~280mm

      Labeling accuracy ( mm): ±1.0mm

      Labeling speed ( pcs/min): 50~200pcs/min

      Power ( W): 1600W

      The overall dimensions of the equipment ( mm) (length × width × height): 3000 × 1450 × 1600

Time:2021-5-28 16:52:43

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