Multifunctional flat labeling machine

Time:2021-5-28 15:21:28


This machine is suitable for food, medicine, daily chemical, handicrafts and other industries products on the surface labeling (top labeling).

Product introduction

      This machine is suitable for labeling (top labeling) on ??the surface of products in the food, medicine, daily chemical, handicraft and other industries.

      For example : sauce bottle mouth, honey, medicine box, plastic box, plastic bag, cream bottle cap, etc.

      ●  Intelligent control of multifunctional flat labeling machine produced by Jingxin Machinery Equipment , simple operation, automatic alarm if there is no label or label is missing.

      ● According to different products, optional components can meet the labeling of inclined products.

      ● Multi-group labeling parameter memory, which can quickly replace product production.

      ● The production line can be connected according to the needs, or the material supply equipment can be purchased .

      ● Optional: inkjet printer/code printer, complete coding and labeling synchronously.

      ● Label teaching function, one key to complete the label setting of different specifications, intelligent and efficient.

product advantages:

The multi-functional flat labeling machine can automatically attach self-adhesive stickers or self-adhesive label films to the product's plan view and large inclined surface. Its efficiency is very strong, and it can improve the efficiency of product labeling and filming . It has the characteristics of accurate attachment position, high cost performance, and high reliability. Its occurrence prevents a series of problems such as low efficiency of artificial film application, oblique blisters and wrinkles in the application, and irregular application parts. It reasonably reduces product costs, enhances the beauty of product logos, and enhances product competitiveness. 

Time:2021-5-28 15:21:28

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