Page labeling machine

Time:2021-5-28 15:18:18


This machine is suitable for flat surface labeling carton, card, packaging bag automatic feeding paste formula label, anti-counterfeit label, barcode two-dimensional code label, etc.

Product introduction

      Jingxin Machinery Equipment Page Labeling Machine is suitable for automatic feeding and labeling of formula labels, anti-counterfeiting labels, barcode labels, etc. for flat-labeled cartons, cards, packaging bags, etc.

      ● Adopt reverse wheel type paging feeding, structured design, simple maintenance.

      ● The integrated design of page feeding and labeling adopts coding technology for precise positioning to improve the stability and accuracy of feeding and labeling.

      ● Multi-group labeling parameter memory, which can quickly replace product production.

      ● Receiving equipment or devices can be purchased.

      ● Optional: inkjet printer/code printer, complete coding and labeling synchronously.

      ● Label teaching function, complete label setting with one key, smart and fast.

Scope of application:

Paging labeling machine, widely used in automatic labeling of sign cards, clothing labels, mobile phone cards, and cardboard objects; with paging query, precise positioning, automatic labeling (optional, instant printing out of labels), inspection and rejection Function (inspect whether the label is missing, labeling location, label position, label content is appropriate according to the industrial lens) rejection of unqualified products, automatic counting and collection; Jingxin machinery andequipment can improveproductivity and accuracy To reduce labor costs, it is the choice to complete automated production in the field.

Time:2021-5-28 15:18:18

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