Horizontal round bottle labeling machine

Time:2021-5-28 15:15:51


This machine is suitable for high speed labeling of small round bottles and small cylindrical products, such as oral liquid, injection, bottle, bottle, lipstick, lip balm, small battery, solid glue, etc.

Product introduction

      Jingxin Machinery Equipment Horizontal Round Bottle Labeling Machine is suitable for high-speed labeling of small round bottles and small cylindrical products such as oral liquids, injections, vials, ampoules, lipsticks, lip balm, small batteries, solid glues, etc.

      ● Adopt horizontal roller conveying, automatic bottle guide, stable conveying and labeling. The labeling speed is 500 bottles/min.

      ●The  explosion-proof bottle design avoids the shutdown of the explosion bottle, shortens the unexpected downtime, and improves the production efficiency.

      ● Multi-group labeling parameter memory, which can quickly replace product production.

      ● Optional: inkjet printer/code printer, complete coding and labeling synchronously.

      ● Label teaching function, complete label setting with one key, smart and fast.

working principle 

Core working principle: the bottle-separating wheel separates the product and puts it on the conveyor belt. The sensor detects the product and sends the data signal to the labeling automatic control system. The automatic control system controls the corresponding motor to send the label and attach it at the appropriate position. On the product to be labeled, the product flows through the labeling equipment, the labeling belt pushes the product to rotate, the label is rolled, the posture of a label is applied, the star wheel high-speed labeling machine , the freeze-dried powder labeling machine, Reagent tube labeling machine .

 Operation process: put the product (placed in the blanking box) —> separate the product and stretch it to the middle of the conveyor chain drum —> product transportation —> product inspection —> labeling —> labeling —> collecting labeled products .

Time:2021-5-28 15:15:51

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