Technical guidance for fault adjustment of star wheel high speed labeling machine

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    The star wheel high-speed labeling function produced by the core mechanical equipment can effectively improve the efficiency of product labeling and adhesion, adhesion position is accurate, quality, high stability; It greatly avoids a series of problems such as low efficiency of manual labeling, skew, uneven thickness of adhesive coating, wrinkle and so on, effectively reduces the waste of paste, reduces the labor cost of labeling, improves the beauty of product identification, and enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of products.


    Technical Guidance on Fault Adjustment of Star Wheel High Speed Labeling Machine:


    1, first unscrew the fixed bolt with a wrench, and adjust to the specified position. Tighten one bolt for test use, then run it to see how it works. If it works well, tighten the other bolts.


    2. Adjust the fixed star wheel at the specified position. Only loosen the bolt at the bottom of the star wheel when adjusting.


    3. A single clamp refers to that if it is loose, it can loosen the clamp screw and tighten the screw after adjusting it to the corresponding part; If the overall clamping mark is loose, it is necessary to adjust the bolt fixing the marking shaft to the suitable part, and push the clamping mark inward to the position.


    4, remove the hub clamp spring on the line.


    5. Adjust the position of the label box according to the label paper.


    6, adjust the film thickness; Adjust the position of the marking brush


    7, the glue of the standard board is not uniform. Adjust the position of the standard plate to make it uniform; Adjust the position of the marking brush


    8, the label refers to loose, adjust the label refers to the position; If the glue is too large, adjust the glue temperature; Less glue on the left side of the standard board will cause the paper to warp, so adjust the position of the standard board


    9. Check whether the high and low parts of the bottle head are suitable and adjust their parts; Check whether the ball in the bottle head is missing, causing the bottle to rotate unflexibly. Just remove and replace;


    10, with the hand wheel to turn back and forth to adjust the hub to the appropriate position; Adjust the Angle between the top marking plate and the body marking plate

    11. Adjust the Angle of the lever to the appropriate position


    12. Remove and replace the cotton pad and plastic elastic pad in the pressure head assembly.


    13. Check whether the pump bottom is blocked by foreign bodies; Check whether the hose is blocked by foreign matter; Check the position of steel ball, no leakage of rubber pump


    14. Adjust the lifting shaft and the head


    15, adjust the film thickness of cots; Check if the finger movements are the same.


    16, the application of hand wheel to adjust the hub, adjust to the specified suitable parts.


    17. Adjust the belt to the appropriate part; Check that the hairdressing shower is not clogged.


    18, check whether there is a foreign body on the surface, adjust the position of the blowing pipe; Check whether the nozzle is clean; Adjust the nozzle position.

    The above is about the core mechanical equipment star wheel high-speed labeling machine related technical guidance, for your reference!


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