Technical guidance for fault adjustment of star wheel high speed labeling machine

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    The basic principle of reagent tube labeling machine: Round bottle at runtime to separation, transfer into the conveyor belt, path sensor inspection to the goods, to labeling the automatic control system, the data signals in a modest manipulation of the corresponding motor automatic control system to send out the label and paste stay in commodity labeling parts, goods through the cover label equipment, covering the rotate with prompt goods, label is rolled by pasting position.

    As the machine equipment of intelligent system, it can guarantee:

    1. High speed, the side horizontal roller conveying mechanism is selected, the conveying chain is askew, the glass bottle is fully automatic guiding, and the transportation label is stable. The labeling rate reaches 400 bottles/min, saving a lot of capital investment;


    2. The bottle breaking rate is low. The use of flexible bottle dividing and overlabeling technology makes the bottle dividing and labeling more smooth, and the bottle breaking rate is less than 1/100,000; Reagent tube labeling machine labeling quality is high, the use of label belt bypass correction device technology, label end and end of the overlapping degree is improved; Roll-over labeling, labeling leveling, no wrinkle, no bubble, improve the packaging quality;

    3. High reliability, Panasonic PLC+ Veron touch screen + Panasonic needle color standard sensor + French Laoi measurement label color standard sensor + Raiser servo motor composed of advanced electronic control system, reagent tube labeling machine is suitable for machinery and equipment 7×24 hours of high-speed operation; Intelligent control system, automatic optical tracking system, nothing is not labeled, there is no automatic label calibration and automatic label identification function, to avoid missing labeling and label consumption;

    4. Solid environmental hygiene, the key selection of stainless steel plate and high-grade aluminum alloy profile production and manufacturing, in line with the GMP production and manufacturing standards, solid structure, unique;

    5. The core machinery and equipment has the functions of common fault alarm, production and manufacturing count, power saving, production and manufacturing number setting reminder, basic parameter maintenance, etc., which facilitates the production management of enterprises;


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